VitaminJo 30 / M
"Ginger Wonder Woman"
Chicago, Ilinois, Estados Unidos
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VitaminJo 30/M
Chicago, Illinois
[bling 688783] Professional Volleyball player or Wonder Woman Fetish anyone? I could easily be her, I am no doubt a fit and hot "Amazon" At 6 ft 2 in / 189-190 cm. Lean and mean with a nice 36C bra size. (people ask) I am the body type of the mighty Wonder Woman! Or someone you'd want to have on your weekend Rec League Volleyball team. Anyone need me? Im free Saturdays before noon lol. Yes I am Tall. I played NCAA College Volleyball in California and I even played in the Beach Volleyball professional leagues. I currently coach and have a home here and in Cali also a place I call home. I love my height. The Funny thing is I have a fetish for shorter men!! Ive dated taller men and dont mind, but I have a thing for a shorter guy. I know some guys dont like taller women but I feel I would be the exception. I mean who doesn't like long soft silky legs. Im all legs and a long waist. I look great and short skirts and dresses. Physically I am something to be craved. Whats even more interesting is my perality. I am a pretty chilled and cool per. I dont have a temper and I get along with almost anyone. I am conflict and drama free and have no problem saying I am a logical thinker. I came to this site because in addition to my Shorter guy fetish I have a few more. Some that may be too strange for a "Traditional" site. I love to watch and being watched. Teasing and leading up to the real thing. It makes the climax all the better. Its all about the build up. Its the way of the Wonder Woman [bling 689603]

Mi persona ideal: Someone shorter than me. Although I do enjoy taller men shorter men turn me on..

Someone who likes to try new kinks and fetishes.

Someone who likes to enjoy a new taste and someone who likes to share and do group or threesome kind of fun.

Someone who likes to watch and be watched as part of the foreplay or even as the main course..

Someone who enjoys working with my fetishes and is good at communicating his (or hers). No shame, embarrassments or judgement.

Likes to take their Vitamins.

¿Cuáles son tus cantantes o grupos favoritos?:
not sure

¿Qué tipo de actividades sexuales te calientan?:
Dar sexo oral

¿Qué factores te son los mas importantes a la hora de buscar un compañero sexual?:
Un poco de cada uno

¿Has fantaseado sobre el hecho de tener sexo con una celebridad? ¿Quién? ¿Qué es lo que te calienta sobre ellos?:

¿Has tenido cibersexo alguna vez?:
He tenido cybersexo bastante a menudo.

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  • 30 / mujer
  • Chicago, Ilinois, Estados Unidos
Orientación Sexual:
Buscando a:  Hombres, Parejas (hombre/mujer), Grupos o Parejas (2 mujeres)
Fecha de Nacimiento: 20 Deciembre 1991
Estado Civil: Soltero(a)
Altura: 6 ft 2 in / 187-190 cm
Tipo de Cuerpo: Atlético
Hábitos de fumar: No soy fumador
Hábitos de bebida: Soy bebedor casual/social
Drogas: No consumo drogas
Educación: Un poco de universidad
Profesión: Volleyball Player
Grupo étnico: Caucásico
Religión: Ateo
Tienes niños: No
Quiere niños: Quizás
Tamaño de sujetador o brasier: 36/80 C
Habla: Inglés
Color de pelo: Pelirrojo
Tamaño del pelo: Largo
Color de los ojos: Verde
Lentes o lentes de contacto: Ninguno de ellos
Mi Colección de Trofeos: