How old is too old?  

Jessygirl23 27M  
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5/4/2021 4:42 am
How old is too old?

I was a little taken back when one of my closest friends became a little judgemental about the age of a group of friends I meet up with occasionally for a little role fun. These guys are in their 60s and we normally behind closed doors but I have been out occasions with them as part of our role fun. I was a little surprised my friend was so shocked because like she is quite open when it comes sex too.

What are your thoughts, how old is too old for you when it comes to sexual partners?
1 year
2 years
3 years
5 years
7 years
10 years
15 years
20 years
25 years
30 plus years

Somewhatshy0907 46H
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12/4/2021 10:00 pm

Age ain't a factor. It's all about the connection. Connect and we'll have some fun and enjoy each other's company.

KJM65 51H
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12/4/2021 7:28 pm

I've been with women much older than myself as well as much younger then myself. The age is not the primary factor to me. Do we have some common interest? Are we enjoying each others company?

Csalomon91 29H  
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12/4/2021 3:57 pm

in my opinion the age really doesn't matter to me, if your good looking, with a fun personality, i wouldn't care about the age. if its in a relationship and not a hook up then you add in the connection

100suel2 46H
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10/4/2021 5:45 am

voted 30 yrs older

HornyOldFucker76 64H
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8/4/2021 2:43 pm

I only voted for 10 years because I'm 64 and 75 is my limit.

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7/4/2021 9:11 am



letsplay71563 57H  
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6/4/2021 9:18 pm

I said ten but that is just a number. Age doesn't mean as much at my age. Good chemistry is more important to me.

Yours_4A_knight 56H
1468 entradas
6/4/2021 8:27 am

Like others have sadi not so old that they remind me of my mother and not so young that they remind me of my daughters

Not the Whole Truth but the truth that I can see.

author51 58M
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6/4/2021 6:03 am

No more than 20 years older. I would never do it with someone young enough to be my child, but to each his or her own I guess..Just my opinion there..

BiSussi 60M
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6/4/2021 4:17 am

    Cita pytimesx:
    It's not a simple matter of age...
    and the context is too long to converse about here
He is so correct
When it comes to men, I prefer them younger, much younger as I like practicing Making Babies

When it comes to bi-girls it depends on attitude, shape and yes, if they practice Making Babieswithout condoms I just love to do the clean up While age does not matter that much, being in good shape and have the perfect vagina shape matters a lot Most of my girlfriends are much younger, than I am, but would never reject a woman my age, if we are a match Please click on Making Babiesvote & share your thoughts on Making Babies Will you? Or does it not matter to you???
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All I wish for are men I can fall in love with and who like Making Babies and not just want Sex

I love pussies and adore nice dicks

Funtimez_96 24H
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5/4/2021 10:33 pm

Depends on the person I would say for me no one over 40, but that’s not concrete.

bitchmaker1 64H  
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5/4/2021 6:20 pm

As long as they are legal age and are attracted to each other what does it matter?Only your business,not your friends.

seoulswing2 37H/27M
97 entradas
5/4/2021 4:40 pm

If it works what difference does it make. We recently started playing with an older couple, the man 72, the woman 64. We first hooked up about 3 months ago. The wife gave the man a blowjob to completion. He didn't shoot much cum, but he was hard throughout. An hour later he was hard again and the wife rode him cowgirl. It took him a long time to cum, so the wife enjoyed several good orgasms. Hubby enjoyed a long session of oral with the woman, he going down on her, she going down on him and then doing 69 for an extended period of time. The woman had several orgasms and hubby blew his load which the woman swallowed. The woman was ready for intercourse as soon as hubby was hard again. They both had a wonderful time fucking. We've been meeting up with them for play about once a week since, and everyone always has a good time.

Lkn4funwith2 55H
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5/4/2021 1:40 pm

Each person decides what is too old, and nobody can tell them otherwise.

pytimesx 61H
961 entradas
5/4/2021 11:44 am

It's not a simple matter of age...
and the context is too long to converse about here

Leegs2012 48H
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5/4/2021 10:26 am

Voted 20 Yrs older.

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