Fav place to cum?  

Chubbycockchaser 32M
111 entradas
7/9/2021 6:53 am
Fav place to cum?

Where’s your favorite place to cum?
On yourself

forgotforgetting 55H
7813 entradas
7/9/2021 8:26 am

Well, the first 5 are a yes.

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”
― Oscar Wilde

Go_Down_Cowboy_2 59H
878 entradas
7/9/2021 9:23 am

I'll cum where ever you want me to cum! I'm multi directional!!!
Voted for the Tits, tho...

iraduu 41H
3409 entradas
7/9/2021 10:00 am

vc gostaria em qual sua parte do corpo. meu pau faminto para gozar para vc

peladodel56 65H
9949 entradas
7/9/2021 11:14 am

En el culo se siente muy caliente...

Leegs2012 48H
79911 entradas
7/9/2021 12:05 pm

Voted: Mouth

yes4cream 33H

7/9/2021 12:21 pm


yes4cream 33H

7/9/2021 12:21 pm


yes4cream 33H

7/9/2021 12:22 pm


hogknot 55H  
963 entradas
7/9/2021 3:13 pm

Since all was not an option I chose ass. Rotation of the location of the ejaculation is the way my lady friend and I like to do it.

12425 entradas
7/9/2021 3:24 pm

    Cita hogknot:
    Since all was not an option I chose ass. Rotation of the location of the ejaculation is the way my lady friend and I like to do it.
" Rotation of the location "

That's got a neat ring to it . . .

Humanity peaked during the 20th century.
We can't even make a decent starter solenoid any longer.

allfuntimeyyc 54H
9 entradas
7/9/2021 6:50 pm

Anywhere she wants it..

i69withyou 67H
21 entradas
7/9/2021 9:37 pm

I'll cum where ever you want me to shoot, but the best is when there is a willing mouth wrapped around my cock and I've told them I'm about to cum, to give them the choice to stop or not, and they continue to suck me, draining my cum right down their throat!

boobwhisperer69 58H  
7497 entradas
7/9/2021 9:52 pm

Where ever she desires it!!!!!

rickd04349 63H
26 entradas
8/9/2021 3:58 am

pussy mouth ass then if she wants something else her wish is my command

dessertgarden 51M
32 entradas
8/9/2021 6:51 am

i realize it's more a guy question, but I wanted to chime in as a receiver..

best is a little bit everywhere and some to swallow, love to lay there rubbing it in to my tits, and belly while licking it from my chin and fingers, then I get to spend the day with a fragrant and flaky reminder of a fantastic time.

makes for a wonderful day

iwant2lickuthere 53H  
3479 entradas
8/9/2021 7:41 am

Where ever she wants it.

jc_1996 46H
25 entradas
8/9/2021 9:00 am

There’s no option for all of the above!

Imapig54 67H
57 entradas
8/9/2021 9:25 am

My ass or mouth your choice

1ForPlay2021 61H  
45 entradas
8/9/2021 11:10 am

Any place will do, but then there is clean up time....

shogun_269u_II 59H
129 entradas
8/9/2021 11:16 am

Luv it when a guy cums in my mouth or throat!
Have always wanted to lick cum from a wifey's pussy after the hubby has cum deep in her...maybe someday!

dwz5234 69H  
1424 entradas
8/9/2021 12:01 pm

The First Five

Firebird81964 57H  
7 entradas
8/9/2021 1:40 pm

I voted for cumming in the mouth but there's nothing better than a nice pair of tits coated with cum.

hottosuck14 47M  
4 entradas
8/9/2021 2:42 pm

in my mouth

Mainer044011388 41H
19 entradas
8/9/2021 4:17 pm


Kanking15 52H  
15 entradas
8/9/2021 7:07 pm

Need to do multiple more surveys like this so then we can use it as an application for next BF or GF

Punkerelli2 41H  
18 entradas
8/9/2021 8:02 pm

Any of the above apply. But deep inside a partner's pussy if the best feeling.

BiJack55 72H  
301 entradas
8/9/2021 9:43 pm

Personally I don't care where I cum as long as we both do. And I love eating pussy, Sucking tits and love cleaning up cream pies as well as cumming on tits and licking them clean as I fuck her.

skuden2 59H
1111 entradas
9/9/2021 1:24 am

Pussy pussy pussy and Then mouth then a Big kiss…. Goodnigt 😴

davydogg69 63H
55 entradas
9/9/2021 1:59 am

i love the taste, but happy with any place you want to cum in me

tastemeY 55H  
122 entradas
9/9/2021 2:02 am

I think the mouth is the best place to CUM! You can do so much with it from there, from snoballing to going down and spitting back into the pussy or ass, and even just taking the warm creamy load and swallowing to enjoy it!

fahrenheit451x2 60H
141 entradas
9/9/2021 4:39 am

I let my partner choose as she knows best it seems.

Deepnwide76 45H  
52 entradas
9/9/2021 5:22 am

I like it all the above but my fav is blown in my ass then I catch it in a shot glass as it seeps out an I pour it down my throat yummy

Wat2dowithme 102M
40 entradas
9/9/2021 7:59 am

For him in a cup so I can take it to the Sperm Bank and make some money 🤑

allnitelong2063 57H
229 entradas
9/9/2021 11:23 am

I vote PUSSY!

CannaSuckurCock 54H
2 entradas
9/9/2021 11:47 am

I like it on my face!

justlookin19997 47H
4 entradas
9/9/2021 12:07 pm

Most definitely the tits!!!

G000dbuddy 33H  
229 entradas
9/9/2021 8:41 pm


Have a nice day
Yours goodbuddy781

Want2aplay2 42H
18 entradas
10/9/2021 4:55 am

I chose mouth, but I like to cum in all the above places.. really like to cum in her pussy then have her suck our juices off my cock after I pull out

naughtyguy1950 71H
64 entradas
10/9/2021 8:27 am

Anywhere on a woman is good. But my favorite place is in a woman's mouth, after I've fucked her really good. I love watching her suck every last drop of cum from my dick.

d0gdaize 65H
357 entradas
10/9/2021 8:29 am

i enjoy a woman that has passion and after along tease and deny, foresex .. i just love being allowed to orgasm in her pussy ... sometimes twice ... i then get to hear her " purr " while i lick her pussy after. beware of her long nails or your ears. if you do it right, the world will be able to hear her orgasm.

MisterXTC1000 56H
316 entradas
10/9/2021 9:13 am

    Cita Wat2dowithme:
    For him in a cup so I can take it to the Sperm Bank and make some money 🤑
Now that is funny!!!

DiscreteSlowRide 51H
326 entradas
10/9/2021 12:47 pm

My favorite place to cum is the place that she wants to feel it that will turn her on the most.
It's even more of a turn on if she whispers it to me....mmmmmmm

uncutdevil 37H  
266 entradas
10/9/2021 1:50 pm

i'd cum wherever she wanted, but it would be great if it was on her face

Sakwes77 67H
129 entradas
10/9/2021 1:52 pm

    Cita dessertgarden:
    i realize it's more a guy question, but I wanted to chime in as a receiver..

    best is a little bit everywhere and some to swallow, love to lay there rubbing it in to my tits, and belly while licking it from my chin and fingers, then I get to spend the day with a fragrant and flaky reminder of a fantastic time.

    makes for a wonderful day
Where is the like button?

nocturnalbust 40H
7 entradas
11/9/2021 1:31 am

Mouth, so we can share . Or pussy/ass and eat it up after

yours_n_mine 64H  
125 entradas
11/9/2021 11:38 am

I like the first 5 as well so all would be my vote if that was an option. I also love to cum when there are others watching me.

howdydoodyXLII 50H
42 entradas
11/9/2021 1:43 pm

Where I want to is anywhere but myself, but unfortunately that's pretty much the only place I get to put it in my situation. Everything else is a bucket list item right now

bestwhenbad8 47H  
12 entradas
11/9/2021 2:04 pm

I love to cum any part on a woman that I am attracted to, I also am happy to cum where she most wants... but my favorite is to cum on a woman's face because it is just so damn intimate... and I'll kiss her after...

Wildguyshy 38H
5 entradas
11/9/2021 3:10 pm

what was your answer?

bard3232 55H
26 entradas
12/9/2021 7:47 pm

Ass mouth or pussy

dorion197645 45H
11 entradas
12/9/2021 9:02 pm

ses trop hot quand tu vien dans le cul

Married_Lexingto 47H
29 entradas
13/9/2021 7:27 am

all of the above!!

AndrewArthur2 67H  
34 entradas
13/9/2021 10:48 am

My fantasy would be able to cum multiple times and 'all of the above'. However, second best would be to gangbang a girl and see her filled by my friends. Could probably manage a few rotations.

Jslite6 63H
18 entradas
13/9/2021 11:28 am

Like the way you think

Chucklesb43 43H
10 entradas
13/9/2021 2:21 pm

All the above 😈

Bonem91 30H
95 entradas
13/9/2021 3:49 pm

Anytime Any place Anywhere! Why the hell limit myself 😄

sexbrowser69966 58H
18 entradas
14/9/2021 7:27 am

as has been said there is no all of the above..I voted for ass cause that's where I enjoy receiving cum the most...balls deep n often

LovesOral69101 57H  
3 entradas
14/9/2021 10:06 am

tough choice. I like pussy and mouth. If in the mouth kiss me..if in the pussy let me clean it up

Paddymanc69 42H
29 entradas
14/9/2021 5:29 pm

It depends on the moment really the importance is the explosion itself...

Grangeroanonimo 43H  
209 entradas
14/9/2021 7:14 pm

En pussy

COguy81416 44H
6 entradas
14/9/2021 7:48 pm

I’ll put it where ever you want it.

Cleancum4u 40H
4 entradas
15/9/2021 1:25 am

Always the pussy , it’s riskiest and best place to put it .

dyk4u2c 53H
38 entradas
15/9/2021 3:48 am

Ass, definitely.

Ghostsas2019 39H
22 entradas
15/9/2021 8:15 am

Inside of her... ass or pussy

Deszos1 62H
4 entradas
15/9/2021 9:38 am

for sure, i Love a man's sticky goo sprayed over my breasts!!!

fandangochick 44M  
64 entradas
15/9/2021 3:57 pm

I love me a hot creampie or just rubbing my clit with a big shot of cum.

Chucklesb400 42H
70 entradas
15/9/2021 8:04 pm

All of them with you 😉

sassos 55H
41 entradas
16/9/2021 5:43 am

All of the above option please!

niceguy4umd 46H
14 entradas
16/9/2021 9:19 am

no bad option. best to rotate depending on what she likes that day!

Sensuallover814 39H  
6 entradas
16/9/2021 6:59 pm

Ill cum anywhere she wants me too. But let us know if your mouth is off limits. No need to pull out and stop that good mmm good feeling if its not what your interested in. But any where else... Lets save that for round 3.

Blueyedguy823 54H  
936 entradas
17/9/2021 5:29 am

I'll cum wherever.... Chicago, Toledo, Charlotte.

Funcali77 51H/47M  
3 entradas
17/9/2021 12:48 pm

I Love to get GOOD & DEEP then let it loose!

Cumwithu78 43H  
1 entrada
17/9/2021 3:26 pm

Love cumming everywhere honestly. I voted for the face but I love it all. Love seeing my cum on a woman's body.

Loslauridenuevo 31H/33M
8 entradas
17/9/2021 7:01 pm

And into. In my pussy. Dentro

thicknlong33558 64H  
5 entradas
18/9/2021 6:55 am

Nothing like cumming in a nice hot pussy that’s contracting and spasming from a great orgasm.

Strongandvirile4 56H
24 entradas
18/9/2021 7:51 am

Ladies choice

mrparker22 35H  
20 entradas
18/9/2021 2:38 pm

I don't pull out. Condom or not, I all way cum inside my partner. I stay hard after I cum, so I just keep pumping going for the next one.

Luv2bottom4u2 64H  
1745 entradas
18/9/2021 2:56 pm

Anywhere is good, but Mouth is the best. Having your cum milked out of your cock is always terrific !

Maybe066 54H  
2 entradas
18/9/2021 5:50 pm

Im one for the belly. voted pussy

jcnsc4u 41H
26 entradas
18/9/2021 6:47 pm

Anywhere you want it...Gmail me

Bijimbi001 50H
4 entradas
19/9/2021 1:10 am

Will cum any where I'm told to, even into my own mouth

Bijimbi001 50H
4 entradas
19/9/2021 1:13 am

Will cum where ever I'm told to, even into my own mouth.

Wifefucker23 29H
9 entradas
19/9/2021 1:23 am

I'll bust anywhere

InsatiablyY0urs 47H  
19 entradas
19/9/2021 2:27 pm

Marry me

Shouldbe_here 58H
41 entradas
19/9/2021 5:38 pm

[4413163] Voted. Tits but all 5 are good

iheartladiesOG 39H
10 entradas
19/9/2021 8:27 pm

Being swallowed is the best feeling on earth.

Sensual_GentleM 58H
307 entradas
20/9/2021 2:35 pm

It was a very hard choice, it always is. At this moment I decided on the mouth, simply because your lips were so tightly closed around my cock that I couldn't possibly cum anywhere but inside your mouth.

Jacknight1273 48H
639 entradas
20/9/2021 2:54 pm

hit parade:

1. mouth
2. tits
3. ass

My first cum on my teenage gf when we were both 16, it was on tits.
Later on, I fell for an Argentine lover who loved swallowing cum.
Meanwhile, my favorite Caribbean lover loved my cum on her SOLID BUTT.

Sensual_GentleM 58H
307 entradas
20/9/2021 2:59 pm

I have often wondered whether women really enjoy getting cum on them. I would love to get some female comments and/or experiences.

I have always loved it when a woman gets really turned on by watching me cum. I like to ask my partner whether she wants me to cum inside her (wherever that may be at the time ...) or whether she wants me to pull out and have me cum on her ... depending on the moment she may want my cum on her stomach and pussy, on her butt, on her breasts, her face. One of my partners loved masturbating lying on her back while I stood over her body. We both got incredibly turned on by watching each other masturbate, hearing each other's moaning and breathing getting more and more intense ... and she let me know exactly when she was close to her climax ... arching her body up towards me, climaxing with every splash of cum on her body ...


openfreethinker 62H  
7 entradas
20/9/2021 6:19 pm

Deep, as far as I can go

v4veronica 36M

20/9/2021 6:35 pm

For me I prefer my mouth when I’m at my home, easy cleanup lol. But usually love it shot on my face and drips into my mouth. So I would rate it this way starting with my favorite…
1. Face
2. Mouth
3. Tits
4. Ass
5. Pussy (that’s rarely an option)
6. Yourself

Funtimes6340 56H
32 entradas
20/9/2021 10:57 pm

All of thee above would be a great option!!

Ghurst1987 34H
22 entradas
21/9/2021 7:04 am

I've never had a woman finish me off in her mouth so idk how that would be like

MacMac930 64H
50 entradas
21/9/2021 3:25 pm

Always somewhere warm and wet - so, that limits the places to mouth, pussy and ass.

ineedadickinme69 50M
1 entrada
22/9/2021 12:24 am

on his parent's bed.

Deebish44 48H
7 entradas
22/9/2021 7:25 am

I like all the above , no real favorite by the time all is said and done mine will be everywhere and so will yours.

dirtyboy6321 58H  
1 entrada
22/9/2021 11:22 am

As much as I love blowing in the mouth and on the face I love cumming in her tight pussy.

Whiteslut4blk2 52M  
1 entrada
22/9/2021 11:41 am

my whole body like cum all over it and in it

woody4551 34H
13 entradas
22/9/2021 4:06 pm

where ever she wants

Ghurst1987 34H
22 entradas
22/9/2021 9:08 pm

Love feeling my self release either in or on the pussy. Make me want ho harder😁

Don_Nuevo 27H
19 entradas
23/9/2021 12:43 pm

Giving an open mouth facial is my favourite then having it cleaned me off with her mouth...

noonerfy 61H
25 entradas
23/9/2021 2:29 pm

I will gladly cum wherever my partner prefers....

trinitycock23 49H
3 entradas
24/9/2021 3:58 am

i loveto cumm on you

Unzipmeslowly51 51H
298 entradas
24/9/2021 4:00 pm

I voted tits but mouth too...or ass pussy back....you name it...I'll aim it☺

Coach4BustyFWB 52H
51 entradas
25/9/2021 11:40 pm

I love the way you think.

thick4youbabe 51H
9 entradas
26/9/2021 1:12 am

after a good stretch i like to filled my partner

thick4youbabe 51H
9 entradas
26/9/2021 1:14 am

after a real stretch i like to filled my partner ass

Sexale00 26H
6 entradas
26/9/2021 8:56 am

Cualquier parte del cuerpo es perfecto, pero las tetas es algo que puedes ver mas fascinante

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